Socks For Souls Affiliates with Reach For The Top

Socks For Souls has partnered with Reach For The Top and we will be donating this year to the West Adams area of Los Angeles. Each Winter Season we donate to the underserved homeless and youth of the West Adams area. Thank You! Socks for Souls for affiliating with Reach For Top, we are ever so grateful. Without the large hearts and dreams of Socks for Souls our program would not be possible. Thanks Again Socks for Souls for your support. Socks For Souls Organization

Angela and Ivonne distributing Winter Blankets to the Homeless in Los Angeles

Angela from Love Is A Warm Blanket, supplying Reach For The Top with Homeless Blankets. We hand out the blankets to the Venice Beach Area of Los Angeles. Another wonderful angel has partnered with us so that we can provide for those in need this winter season. Thank You Angela for the blankets!! Check out Love is a Warm Blanket if you have any questions or donations you’d like to share ….